Thursday, January 13, 2022

365 Days: #13 Sullivan's Travels (1941)

Here is a film I've seen before that was my first introduction to Joel McCrea. Preston Sturges never fails to provide a delightful film experience. 

#13 Sullivan's Travels

A director wants to make movies that showcase the plight of the common man and decides he needs to experience the hardships of life to better understand how to convey that in film. When he finds himself on a chain gain, he begins to understand the importance of comedy. 

"I wanted to make you something outstanding--something you could be proud of, something that would realize the potentialities of film as the sociological and artistic medium that it is. With a little sex in it."

It was interesting the way Preston Sturges created a movie that reflected the movie he was making. He managed to include some social commentary while making his movie lighthearted, with a little sex. 

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