Wednesday, January 12, 2022

365 Days: #12 Shooting Stars (1928)

Today's selection is a British silent film about actors in the movies. This is one I am seeing for the first time.

#12 Shooting Stars

Mae Feather and Julian Gordan are a husband and wife acting team who perform in films together, but Mae is knockin' boots with slapstick performer, Andy Wilks, on the side. When Julian discovers the affair, he threatens to divorce Mae. Realizing that a divorce will be in conflict with the contract she just signed, she decides to solve the problem by putting a live round into the prop gun that will be fired at him on set of the movie they are making. Unintended consequences ensue. 

"Only one more shot, Mae, and you're finished."

This is an amazing film! I love the use of light and shadow, as well as the framing of the shots. It's a great story with great acting, and feels ahead of its time. The score by John Altman on the Kino Classics disc is pleasing, but I didn't feel it set the appropriate tone for this movie. This is a silent film that would appeal to those who aren't enthusiasts of silent movies. 

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