Sunday, March 26, 2017

Season of Silents Wrap Up

How disappointing. The Season of Silents really fizzled out. I'll spare the boring details of the circumstances that have made it difficult to post and will resist the urge to make up exciting details to explain my absence. Suffice to say, it's my first year blogging and I'm learning as I go.

By immersing myself in the silent film era, I have deepened my love and appreciation for the silents. It is a rich experience that requires a bit more interpretation and thought from the viewer, which made it somewhat challenging for me to write about. It was fun to get to know new actors and directors, as well as new genres, and see how early film evolved.


Silent film is easy for me to love because it capitalizes on what I enjoy most about movies: the visuals.


It was interesting to discover powerful women in early films, not only in storylines, but behind the camera. I look forward to seeing more of the female adventure serials and more films by early women filmmakers.

I experienced the joy of slapstick comedy. It's still not my favorite genre, but there is much to appreciate about it.

I really enjoy time traveling through these early films and find it interesting that while so much has changed, many of the social issues remain the same. I had planned to follow up with a Pre-Code Spring, but I have decided to be a little more open and focus on movies from the 1930s as a whole, which may include some French favorites and other films that would not be considered pre-code. I expect I'll slide into some film noir in late spring/early summer when things start heating up and the smell of honeysuckle is all along the street.