Friday, December 28, 2018

Season of Horror 2 Wrap Up

Sadly, there's not too much to wrap up with my latest seasonal focus on horror. When I started the Season of Horror 2, I did not expect the '2' to represent the number of movies I would cover. Several technological failures have contributed to my inability to be more prolific in posting about movies, though I hope that will improve now that I've updated my player (thanks to Brother John), and have a shiny new laptop with a battery that won't quit in an hour. Here are a few other movies I did get to see this fall:

The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre (1964)
This was a movie I was really looking forward to finally seeing and my movie choice for Halloween. It's a moody ghost story with a bit of Outer Limits flavor due to being directed by Joseph Stefano and includes many of the OL gang. The ghost is genuinely frightening and there are some interesting twists. The commentary by David J. Schow is entertaining and informative, and is essential to better appreciate this lost gem.

Muñecos Infernales/The Curse of the Doll People (1961)
I've been exploring Mexican horror, and this movie sounded interesting because dolls are generally pretty scary. Unfortunately, I was limited to watching the English dubbed version since the Spanish version did not include subtitles, which I always prefer to dubbing, so some of the atmosphere was lost in translation. The creepy killer dolls are unsettling and the face off with the voodoo priest was unusual.

A Quiet Place (2018)
I don't cover contemporary films because I don't watch many of them, but I did see this one since it was recommended by Brother John. It is a tense and suspenseful film that provokes questions and offers little in the way of answers. For instance, why would these people decide to have a baby when babies are not quiet and the world is overrun by unfriendly, violent aliens? Also, how were they able to stifle noisy bodily functions? One sneeze and you're a goner. It's a film where the ride is more important than the destination.