Friday, January 14, 2022

365 Days: #14 Movie Crazy (1932)

 I am revisiting Harold Lloyd as he ventures into the acting business in today's picture.

#15 Movie Crazy 

Harold wants desperately to be an actor in the movies, and gets an invite to Hollywood after a mixup with his application photo, but his accident prone behavior causes mayhem the minute he steps onto his first set. He meets an actress who takes a liking to him, despite the trouble he causes, and a fight with her boyfriend that ends up on film leads to his first contract.

"Look, Trouble. Don't change. If you get to know 50 beautiful women, be this way, will you? You're something new under the sun. And don't you lose it."

This is a fun movie with Harold Lloyd's physical comedy punctuating every scene, and a meet-cute romance with a leading lady. His appealing good nature gets thrown aside when it comes time to defend himself, and there is a happy Hollywood ending. This is the first talkie I've seen him in, and he seems to have made the transition to sound films naturally. You can watch this movie on the Harold Lloyd YouTube Channel

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