Monday, January 31, 2022

365 Days: #31 High and Dizzy (1920)

It's a Harold Lloyd kind of day today. This title guarantees enjoyment. 

#31 High and Dizzy

The Boy has just entered the medical practice and has not had any patients until a man brings in his daughter for sleepwalking. The Boy goes to see a colleague, whose homemade medicinals begin to pop their corks, leading them to consume them all to prevent them going to waste. Drunken hilarity ensues until The Boy follows his sleepwalking love interest out on the ledge of a high building and takes a tumble. 

I love the illustrated intertitles in this short, especially when they are denoting drunken action, and the double vision scene was pretty impressively filmed. The way Harold Lloyd throws his body around is fun to watch, though seeing him nearly fall off a building was somewhat anxiety inducing. It's an entertaining film to provide brief respite from the daily toils and tribulations. 

You can watch this remastered episode on the Harold Lloyd channel:

Business is slow.

Playing the patient.

Beginning to operate.


Saving the homebrew.

Heels over head.

Double vision

The moving hat.


Drunk walking

I hope there's a net below, though apparently he didn't need it.

How could she say no?

They would officially tie the knot in 1923.

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