Friday, October 7, 2016

Season of Horror: Supernatural (1933)

I've got my dear friend Cathy joining in on the Season of Horror tonight, which means I talked through most of the movie and missed some parts, but we had a good time watching Carole Lombard and Randolph Scott in Supernatural. It is a shocking and horrifying movie. Right after the Paramount logo, an ominous tone is immediately established with thunder and lightning accompanied by ghostly vocalizing.

We are then confronted with three quotes to ponder...

"Isn't she beautiful?"

"Yes, but repulsive, like a female spider that kills her mate when she's through with it."

Here's a shocking bit of news. This lady killed 3 lovers? After a riotous orgy? How did she overpower three men? And why did she kill them? Did she do it for fun or because she was done with them? This is definitely a pre-code movie as all the evil villains are constantly laughing and having their jollies and making it look like doing evil is loads of fun. That's a no-no with Will Hays. This is a movie that goes out of its way to thumb its nose at the Motion Picture Production Code, and we love it for that.

This is just the beginning...

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