Wednesday, November 24, 2021

November Noir and Then Some

You know how it is when you have a movie on disc and don't choose to watch it, but if it shows up on cable or streaming you'll tune in, or will watch anything else streaming because it's easier than popping in a disc? I might blame laziness for this condition, but I think it may have more to do with instant gratification. Either way, I have been getting my money's worth from the Criterion Channel lately, which has caused me to veer away from my seasonal horror viewing to take a dive into a recently added collection of noir, which seems to go well with dense fog laden evenings. A few non-noir slipped in, as well as some recent releases from Flicker Alley.

Laura (1944)
An astute detective discovers a dead girl is not really dead.

Someone wanted her dead.

It's not always the boyfriend.

A timeless classic that holds up to repeated viewing.

Niagara (1953)
"Get out the fire hose."

The splendor of Technicolor.

Joseph Cotten breaks records.

Murder plot in progress.


Feels a bit like a Hitchcock flick. Lots of beautiful scenery in this one.

To Die For (1995)
A seemingly happy couple.

Manipulating awkward teens.

Embarrassing dance moves.

Ambitious weather reporter.

Mission complete.

I'm not sure why I chose to watch this. I think I was inspired to revisit the 1990s. Somewhat entertaining but I wouldn't watch it again.

Subconscious murderer.

Clever victim disposal.

The show must go on.

Playing the concerto to the end.

Is this a real thing that discordant sounds can induce one to murder? Fortunately, the musical accompaniment was delightful.

Pummeling a mug.

Tierney on display.

Blamed for his crime.

Trying to right a wrong.

Raise your hand if you didn't want him to admit to the murder. Does that make us bad?

Finding love in the OR.

A suicide case becomes a catch.

Discovering a lie.

Manipulating a brain injury.

Pistol packing mama.

Lesson learned. Don't pick up suicidal ladies in the OR and not expect them to be mentally unbalanced.

Klute (1971)
Call girl in the 70s.

Hooking up with a person of interest.

Watched this to see Fonda and Sutherland. Wasn't enthralled by the story or action. 


The beast?

Hit and run.

Seeking revenge.

Getting closer.

Awkward party.

Being beastly.

Revenge plot foiled.


This is an awesome release from Flicker Alley and is a terrific movie. The way it unfolds is spectacular. I will watch it again with commentary.

Sentenced to death.

Going to Chicago on business.

 Media frenzy.

Saying goodbye.

Final moments.

Witnesses to the execution.

Witnessing an execution.

She didn't know what she was doing.

Part of a compilation of movies from Poverty Row on a recent release from Flicker Alley. Scenes with the condemned murderer before her execution recall to mind The Sin of Nora Moran. Fun to see a very young Bogart, and interesting juxtaposition of scenes.

Back Page (1934)
Wish movies still introduced characters at the start.

He will always be Winnie the Pooh to me.

Evidence it's pre-code.

C'mon in.

She's a master of the steaks while he can't open a can of peas.

Ancient tweet.

Who woulda thought a woman could do a man's job?

Meeting the relatives.

Tough lady working the angles.

Who holds the power now?

Stop the presses.

Now that she's made it on her own, she may decide to marry.

Here's another Poverty Row film from Flicker Alley. Feminist pre-codes are my favorite. Don't underrate this movie. It's an interesting depression era story. I've heard a few snippets from the commentary and look forward to hearing it in its entirety.

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