Monday, June 7, 2021

Summer Indulgence: Lured (1947)

It's good to be back! As much as I had hoped to be able to keep it up, my New Year, New Movie mission fizzled out rapidly due to rising demands from work and life. I have finally achieved a few weeks of respite and am free to indulge myself in movies. For Summer Indulgence, I will continue to work on watching a new movie every day, but will also be revisiting some old favorites. 

Though I've acquired a number of movies that still need to be inventoried and shelved, today's movie attracted my notice while I was inexplicably exploring the streaming options. There was no way I was going to pass up Lured after seeing it was a film noir with Lucille Ball, George Sanders and Boris Karloff, along with Alan Napier (Alfred in Batman TV series), George Zucco (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) and Sir Cedric Hardwicke (The Invisible Man Returns). 

"A fine gentleman of means desires friendship with young and untouched girl. Enclose photographs, intentions of marriage. Box 477."

The Gist

A poetic serial killer is luring pretty, young girls through the personal ads. When Sandra Carpenter's bestie ends up a victim, Scotland Yard appeals to her to become the luscious bait to trap the madman with a flair for Baudelaire.

Memorable Moments

Night life in London.

Blue Eyes makes her love connection.

A poetic killer, or Hitchcock wannabe?

Examining evidence.

"What is it tonight, a sweepstake for zombies?
I hope you two will be very happy."

"Eh, shut up!"

Job qualifications.

Position filled.

Working for Mr. van Druten.

Karloff is a treasure.

Modeling his gown.

"You will never leave this room alive."

"But you want to learn to take care of your gun, Miss Carpenter."

Meeting Mr. Fleming.

All for love 🎼



Preparing for the engagement party.

An unhappy discovery.


Confronted with evidence.

A corpse turns up in the river.

Cat and mouse.

All for love 🎼


This movie was visually delicious! I loved every minute of it, though the scene with Boris Karloff was truly a treat. I don't know what possessed me to go looking online for movies today when I have plenty to watch around here already, but surely some movie magic was at play to lead me to such a wonderful film that I was unaware existed. It was the perfect indulgence to kick off my summer movie viewing. This is a keeper that I will be watching again. If you love shadowy noir murder mysteries, then be sure to check this one out. 

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