Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New Year, New Movie: Woman in Hiding (1950)

Tonight I am watching another title I picked up at Kino Lorber's March Madness sale. It has Ida Lupino and that is all the reason I need to watch it. 

The Gist

Deborah Chandler has gone on honeymoon by mistake. She learns from her husband's former girlfriend, who confronts them at his cabin getaway as they begin their honeymoon, that he may have killed her father. Deborah tries to leave him, but he won't allow it. When she tries to escape in the middle of the night, she finds out he has tampered with the brakes on the car, and she narrowly escapes going off a bridge and drowning. She allows everyone to believe she's dead so she can have time to get evidence to prove her husband is trying to kill her to gain control of the mill her father left to her. Selden is not convinced she's dead and offers a reward of $5,000, suggesting she's mentally ill and needs help. Drifter, Keith Ramsey offers to help her, but eventually turns her over to her husband. A tense and shadowy chase at the mill will decide who wins and who loses. 


This movie reminds me of one you might come across playing in the middle of the night back in the days of free, public TV, where you'd see rainbow bars afterward as the station went off the air. It's not a headline grabbing film, but it's suspenseful and captivating and worthy of an evening's entertainment. 

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