Thursday, November 3, 2016

Season of Horror: Don't Look Now (1973)

I started watching Don't Look Now last night, and at the time was thinking that perhaps I should have listened to the title. I got sleepy and couldn't finish it, so I decided to watch the rest tonight to see if it would redeem itself. It did pick up in the second part I watched tonight, or it could be that I was more alert than I was last night. The movie is beautifully filmed, and certainly comes to a horrifying conclusion, but what leads up to it is somewhat confusing, and at times feels disjointed. It gives the sense of being in an unpleasant dream and is quite unsettling. This is a movie I'll want to revisit and watch in one sitting before going into detail about it. I'll share a few shots and will warn you before I show the horrifying conclusion, which you should avoid if you want to see this movie.

 Continue at your own risk. Shocking ending ahead.

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