Sunday, January 15, 2017

What's Up with the Silents?

At the beginning of the Season of Silents, I said that my ambitious goal was to publish three times a week, and at the minimum, once a week. I was thinking I could cover one feature length film and a few shorts each week. But then I decided to go crazy with The Invaders, and suddenly things have become very exciting over at Dark Shadows. In other words, I have been distracted and have not met my goal.

I have been working on The Man Who Laughs, but it's incredibly rich and it's taking me longer than expected, though I hope to have it done soon. I have finally completed work on The Magician. Since this one is an entry from the Season of Horror, it's obviously taken me quite a bit of time to wrap it up. It's an amazing movie, and if you are a fan of early horror, then this is one you'll want to see.

I hope to be watching a few more Lon Chaney movies that I have not yet seen and I have some Garbo silents I'd like to revisit. I have some movies from director Lois Weber that I'm looking forward to watching, as well as some silent Hitchcocks. As usual, I've got some new movies I want to see and some old movies I'd like to revisit. We'll see how much I can get through before springtime.

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